The Open Office Server Daemon

Table of contents :

The daemon

( You can find more informations in the README file or the FAQ )

The daemon is based on the oood daemon written in python by Joerg Budischewski that you can find at The current daemon is written in Java.

This daemon controls a pool of 'anonymous' office instances (workers). The workers can be used as backend for java/python/C++ batch processes for document conversion, mail merges, etc... You don't need to rewrite your current scripts, a client connects to a daemon-controlled office just as if would connect to a normal office. The daemon ensures, that only one client at a time is connected to one openoffice instance. Workers get restarted after a certain amount of uses or after office crashes. A client can connect to a daemon as if it would connect to a normal 'non-daemoned' Open office server, so you don't need to adapt your code/scripts.

'How it works' diagram


Screenshot of the beta version


Download the daemon at sourceforge : THERE
The project's page : THERE